Graphic Design

It seems difficult to define graphic design let alone give advice about it.

Simply put graphic design is the design of graphics! Graphics can be text, pictures and areas of colour in infinite combinations and arrangements. Those graphics can be applied to numerous mediums and uses for example; business stationery, a newspaper advert, an exhibition.

Generally speaking, anyone can design graphics but only a graphic designer can design graphics well!

It's easier to give advice about more specific applications, some of which are discussed in the pages of this site, but a few that are not are mentioned below.


Attending an exhibition is an expensive but potentially worthwhile way to market your company and its products. It's vital that you get it right so don't forget, it's the quality of the graphic design that draws people to your stand, not the clever system hidden behind.

Product Packaging

You'll need to do some groundwork before considering the visual approach to your packaging. Firstly, there's the legal requirement. Do you need to display any specific product information? The answer to this can usually be found by visiting the relevant government website.

Secondly, what type and size of box is best to safely transport your product to the shelf? Discuss this with your manufacturer, printer and designer to get the most suitable template (cutter guide).

If you're developing a range of products choose a design that can be easily adapted to any size or shape. This will create more of an impact when the range is displayed in store.


An advert, whether in the Yellow Pages, a newspaper or as a large format poster, has a tight timeframe to capture attention. Use a combination of punchy headline and colour to hook the reader in then bullet points and images to communicate your message swiftly. Avoid trying to say and do too much and make your contact details - especially phone number - clearly readable.


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